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My wife and I would like you to join us on an incredible journey that God has called us to do. The vision God has given us is to develop and build a group home for teen girls. This will be in the form of a working ranch. This is a goal we are working towards. We are starting off with our Horsemanship Program. We have 7.23 acres in a beautiful area in the middle of the Nicolet National Forest. 

The Promised Land Youth Ranch, Inc. Horsemanship Program for girls will consist of a one-on-one session with an instructor and horse to form a bond that is very special between girls and horses. The instructor will operate with strong Biblical values and a high moral standard. We will be developing innovative programs, provide a safe family environment, and help these girls see God's love and healing.

Our goal is also to have above average results. My wife and I now live our lives trusting God every day and we work hard at making God the number one priority in our lives. We are thankful to be called to such a mission as this.

Promised Land Youth Ranch, Inc. Horsemanship Program is unique in that there are very few facilities in Wisconsin that work specifically with girls. The need for such a facility is great.

God has put a tremendous calling on our lives. He is taking a former truck driver and a medical transcriptionist and given us a heart to help teenage girls.

Laura and I have raised 6 kids of our own, 3 boys and 3 girls. We have10 grandchildren.

As we realized our calling we got licensed to do foster care, then progressed into level 4 treatment foster care and took in teenage girls. Our experience and training has taught us a lot about the needs of these girls. We are currently dedicated to getting the Promised Land Youth Ranch started via the horsemanship program and growing from there.

God has put on our hearts to go beyond and open The Promised Land Youth Ranch, Inc. because of the great need for a ranch of this type for teen girls in Wisconsin.

A year ago we sold the house we were living in and put the funds into the Promised Land Youth Ranch, Inc. account for startup monies. We rented a house for the last year and now God has brought us to the Mountain/Lakewood area where we can begin the horsemanship program. Currently we own this property but will be officially become the property of Promised Land Youth Ranch, Inc. when the funds become available.  

As Laura and I establish this ranch and follow our calling from God, we thank you for your prayers and support.

Rick Dellise, President
Promised Land Youth Ranch, Inc.

Please see our update page for current updates.